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Elmer’s Barbeque LLC is glad to provide catering for your next group event or gathering. We serve Tulsa, OK with the finest and most reliable catering services. Not only is our catering some of the trustworthy in the area, but our incredible food might just upstage your event. Call us today to book your date for catering!

When you book your event with us, we’ll mark your date on our calendar. We’ll also help you determine what types of side dishes and entrees you’d like for your event. When the day of the event comes, our staff will prepare your food and get it ready for transport. Then, we’ll show up at your event, complete with all of the food that you ordered. We’ll set it up in an organized fashion that you and your guests will be able to enjoy!

Our catering menu is basically the same as our regular menu, but, obviously, the portions are bigger. No matter what side dish or entrées you prefer, we’ll make sure they’re ready to go just in time for your event. We guarantee to bring you the most top quality and flavorful food for your catering event.

We are proud to employ friendly and courteous staff who will make your event that much more enjoyable. They are glad to serve and take care of all of your dining needs, and when the event is over, leave it to our staff to clean up the mess. We truly do serve you at your event from start to finish!

Elmer’s Barbeque LLC provides the best catering in the Tulsa, OK area. Be sure to call us in advance to make sure that we can have your event covered.

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