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Elmer’s Barbeque LLC invites you to dine in with us today. Enjoy our wonderful barbeque at our conveniently located restaurant in Tulsa, OK. We love serving customers in our warm family atmosphere, which is great for diners of all types and ages. Our menu boasts a wide selection of great barbeque and tasty side dishes that is sure to please the whole family!

Our goal is to help you enjoy our food in the best possible setting. We enjoy serving you and your loved ones, whether you bring the whole family to dine in, or if it’s just a table for one or two. No matter what the case, we’re happy to have you join us for a great lunch or dinner that will be packed full of flavor that you won’t soon forget!

All of our food is cooked fresh, and all of our meats are smoked fresh. We take extreme pride in serving you only the best food, and we desire to exceed expectations, therefore we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. You’ll notice the difference when you choose Elmer’s Barbeque LLC over any of our competition.

When you take a look at our menu, you’ll see that we have options for almost any dining preferences. Whether you are looking for a lighter meat like chicken or turkey, or you’re going for a hearty portion of ribs or pork, we have what you’re craving! Our menu is stacked with all kinds of great meats and great options to make your dining experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Choose Elmer’s Barbeque LLC for a great dine in experience. Conveniently located in Tulsa, OK, we bring our unique and unforgettable food to your table when you come in and join us for your next meal. Please give us a call today if you have any more information or questions about the menu.

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